Neural wrap

Artificial neural network techniques like stable diffusion and online tools like’s DreamStudio are fun to play with, but are there practical uses? Decorative ones are the first that spring to mind. And people have already come up with some cool decorative–not to mention commercial–ideas, like this voice-controlled service to create wallpaper on the fly: Shopify’s AI wallpaper.

Here’s my attempt at AI-generated gift-wrap, using only plain white paper and a monochrome laser printer.

DIY Neural Bookwrap

DIY Neural Bookwrap

The small paper is best for books, of course. The prompts I used to generate the wallpaper-style images have some connection to both the theme of the book and the tastes of the intended recipient.

Is it creative? Well, um … I did think up the prompts all by myself. Does that count?

Happy Holidays!